Kom over en kanalisering i dag. Det er sjelden jeg stopper opp og leser, men denne ble jeg ledet til.

Don’t look now, but there might be chance to gain something here. An opportunity to really, really learn something about someone or a situation and the someone could be yourself, for it is often just as difficult to know ourselves as it is others.

And the beauty of this is that it may not appear as if you are learning anything at all, for some of the current energy is gently stated.

So if you are in a fragile situation, which requires a muted response, you may be relieved to know that the invisible Feminine energy or Goddess surrounding us can swirl up to absorb the feelings and pull them gently to her bosom. Then because the energies are pulled into the deep currents and not released in an obvious way, you don’t feel massively confronted.

Let me put that another way - if you tread really carefully or skate with care on the thin ice you can take advantage of the healing potential whilst avoiding a show down. Sure, you will feel a little righteous whilst you do this…. It is after all, only your mature and wise handling of the situation that has averted a relationship disaster, but at least it may be peaceful….. for now.

So the lesson isn’t an academic or obvious one….. you have learnt something…. but you wouldn’t be able to say what. However…. it is of great value and wisdom is included. Make any sense? If it doesn’t, give it a day or two….

~ Alison Chester-Lambert

Art ~ Freydoon Rassouli